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Ribergui is a family-owned company that has accumulated experience in the area of housing construction since the 50s of the last century. 

The founder, Manuel Vieira da Silva, now deceased, has built more than 80 buildings in the city of Lisbon since 1955, earning the trust of his clients through the professionalism and precision in detail presented.


With the entry of the 2nd generation in the company organization, there is a renewal of construction methods and business management, which are decisive for the improvement of the product. Ribergui, Empreendimentos Imobiliários, Ld.ª was formally incorporated in 1997 and completed its first building in Olaias, Lisbon, in 2003.


In recent years, the company has invested in new potential in the real estate market, combining the housing construction for sale with the rehabilitation or remodeling of rental buildings. The company has grown aware of the reality that surrounds it, with interest in the evolution of the market and total commitment to building the future.

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